Moonet 2 Wheel Balance Scooter Review

Moonet Scooter Review 

Moonet self balance electric scooter is going to challenge you how to ride,especially how to combine all those motions into a propelling motion to go long distances,it may take a few days to have a ride on this.But this is very light weight electric scooter comes with only 10 kg’s weight and the ability of climbing is 15. One who is with minimum age of 10 to 60 or above can easily use this product comes  with instruction manual.Electric Scooter can be charged up to three hours and speed is about 1o MPH.

As all the electric scooters are operated in a very narrow space and suits to any age group.When compared to other electric scooters ,this is available at reasonable price which can be affordable to everyone.People who loves to skate always like this Moonet free electric scooter to have a great ride.

Let us have a brief look on Moonet Self Balance Scooter here..

Balancing System :

This is a Mini Smart self-balancing two-wheel electric scooter so that this is more convenient to ride.As this is a Smart Two-Wheel Self-Balance scooter it is safe and needs some time to learn.

Product weight :

This is very portable product so we can carry this Moonet electric scooters to any where.This scooter weighs only 10 kg’s,very light and easy to shift.

Load :

Maximum load of this scooter will be 100 kg and minimum load is about 20 kg’s. As I said earlier the body weight is only 10 kg’s.

Battery ,Range per charge:

Battery of Moonet scooter should be charged for about 2-3 hours and Range per Charge is 17 km’s to 20 km’s.

Speed :

As this is a smart self balancing scooter and once the battery is charged , it goes very fast.But speed of this scooter will be 10 mph.

Climbing ability:

This self start scooter is easily manipulated and ability of climbing is 15. It comes with 0 Degree Angle Cornor, arbitrary Angle conversion.

Water Proof :

This product comes with warranty and ofcource this is water resistant.


This self balance scooter from Moonet is available at low price. It is a mid range scooter but with all features packed .As this price is reasonable too when compare to other self balance scooter available in market.


  • This electric scooter is very easy to learn and suitable to any age group.
  • Moonet scooter comes with warranty period and provides the ultimate fashion statement for those looking to stand out.
  • It comes with no noise,so every one will feel very happy on using it.


  • This product is little bit tough to learn , but if you are interested in skating,you can easily ride on roads by following the instructions manual.
  • No other complaints are there as this is a excellent electric scooter at reasonable price.