How to ride a self Balancing Scooter ? [Is it safe]

How to ride self Balancing Scooter

A self balancing scooter works by balancing the body movement of the rider. So the name is self balancing scooter. So How to ride a self Balancing Scooter ? Learning to ride a self balance scooter is very easy even for kids too. Everything is explained below with exact images about how to stand , how to lean forward and also how to turn left or right.

Standing Position 

Stand straight on the scooter as shown in the image. Wear safety helmet. riding self balancing scooter

Turn Left or right

To turn right simply put your left foot forward and to turn left put your right foot forward.

how to ride self balancing scooter

Move Forward and Stop 

Stand straight as shown in the first image and when moving forward or turning don’t lean side wards. To move forward lean as shown in the fourth image. To stop the vehicle simply lean backward.

learn riding self balancing scooter

With the above images , one can get complete idea about how to ride self balancing scooter. Most of these scooters are very much convenient and comfortable. Be careful before selecting the best self balancing scooter.

Wear the safety aids as prescribed by the manual to have a safe ride.  From now never fall from your scooter again.