Cooler Scooter Sale

Features of a cooler scooter

When you are having fun in the outdoors attending any sports event, tailgate party, or picnic having a cooler to ensure your beverages remain chilled is an absolute necessity. However, carrying such a cooler to the location can be very difficult and inconvenient. It is often very heavy and awkward especially since you will need to carry several other things along with the cooler. Don’t fret anymore – the cooler scooter provides an excellent alternative that eliminates all the inconveniences of tugging one around. These products are powered through batteries available in different watt starting from 500, 750, and 1000 watts. You do not need to carry this cooler; rather you simply drive it to where you want to take it.

Cooler ScooterBenefits

  • Extremely light weight and easily portable
  • Can be fitted in the back of majority trunks
  • Provides speeds of up to 13 miles per hour
  • Ability to carry weights of approximately 250 pounds
  • Available with foot rests ensuring riders’ comfort
  • Can be custom fitted with seats for additional convenience and comfort
  • For those who need to carry plenty of things, they can attach multiple coolers like a train


  • 4-stroke , 2 horsepower engine
  • Huge capacity locking lid cooler with drain
  • Available with thumb control, kill switch, and throttle
  • Wheelie bumper and bar
  • Ground clearance capability
  • Secure running boards
  • Rear disc brake
  • All-terrain off-road tires
  • Aluminum mag wheels

Wheelie Bar

The cooler scooter is an amazing way to ensure all your favorite snacks and drinks remain fresh and cool while you are enjoying in the outdoors. Modern technology has made it easier to port your cooler by simply driving it instead of the traditional ones that needed to be carried around. An additional feature providing more convenience is the wheelie bar, which allows you to take your entertainment to the next level. You can simply pop the wheelie bar to ensure your cooler does not topple over. This will not only enhance your ride but will ensure you are seen riding around in the coolest wheels around town. The wheelie bar also acts as bumper protection for the engine preventing any damages.

All-terrain off-road tires

You will be surprised to know that these scooters are available with durable and high quality all-terrain tires, which means you can ride these on all kinds of surfaces. The frame is made from superior steel having exceptional abilities to withstand all kinds of weathers and use. The scooters are available as 4-wheelers providing additional stability and safety for the riders. The all-terrain tires provide riders traction under all conditions, which means you can ride the cooler not only on paved surfaces but on the sandy beaches, gravel, grass, and almost any kind of surface. With higher ground clearance you will be able to enjoy trail rides with off-road craziness. The scooters can be easily ridden on dirt, sand, or mud as both the rear wheels are able to withstand all kinds of conditions.

Powerful engine

The scooters are available in different models manufactured by various companies. Most of the well-reputed and known brands provide 4-stroke engines with specialized gearing. The powerful engines ensure strength, safety, and reliability without compromising on the performance. With the 4-stroke engines riders are assured of being able to start the cooler free segway giveaway whenever needed without having to worry about drained-out batteries. The engine also eliminates the need for combining oil and gas giving users the right speed for maximum fun and comfort.


Most people find it very inconvenient to carry around coolers while going on a picnic, or taking their families to the fairs. These electric scooters make carrying your foods and beverages convenient because these are motorized. You simply need to hop on and ride it to where desired making your life much easier and comfortable.


Moving around your foods and drinks with the cooler scooter is very convenient and easy. Getting around on this scooter is also very convenient. Some models come with seats so you can sit while riding the cooler to your desired destination. Moreover, the scooters come with LED readouts to provide information on the battery that is left. For enjoying an ergonomic ride, the scooter comes with foot pegs ensuring your legs are not dangling. Some of the latest models provide access ports and cup holders to ensure riders can sip a cool drink while riding.

You can enjoy riding the cooler in some of the most attractive and stylish designs that are sure to make heads turn. However, these are not inexpensive that may make it unaffordable to many users. Moreover, these weigh a lot but can easily replace the regular coolers without needing much extra space.

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