CHIC Smart S2 Scooter Review

CHIC Smart S2 Self Balancing Electric Scooter

An amazing another product from Chic brand is Chic Smart S2 Self Balancing Scooter comes with two wheels with rotating platforms hinged at the middle and grooved rubber pads to grip your feet on,cool blue lights that spark up when you jump aboard.This Smart S 2 Self balancing scooter comes with not only long mileage but also with a smart aap i.e., MOBILE APP compatible with APPLE and ANDROID devices.This I phone aap will help you to track the kilometers you have rolled on roads.

Chic Smart 2 Self Balancing electric scooter is different from the other self balancing scooters which are available in the market. This Scooter body weight is only 10 kg’s which is light weight product and you can handle this anywhere. This Electric scooter works well with smooth surfaces and it can handle dust and light splash of water as this Chic Smart S2 is IP 54 rated .

When comes to battery we will find Lithium-ion battery 36 V 4.4 Ah and you should recharge your battery up to 2-3 hours.Usually for long rides its always better to charge up to 3 hours. On three hours of charging it will give you up to 20 km mileage or With just one charge, travel up to 12 miles.Actually this a long mileage in this electric scooter section as no other brand can offer this kind of mileage at this price along with aap. The battery is brilliant and will last you a long time.

Chic S 2 smart electric scooter designed in a very different kind as we can find led lights in blue colour in which every one can easily get attracted with this product in few seconds. Even children of age 10 also handle this scooter easily and they will have real fun on roads with this Chic S 2 wheel scooters. Well, On purchasing this electric scooter you will get instruction manual,works in Chinese and English too which helps you a lot about how to ride this electric scooter. It needs just less time to get balance and comes with scratch proof bumpers and carry case.It also provides speedometer to know about total mileage,Calorie counter, Lock/unlock,protective guards,Battery gauge automatic leveling mode,cool feature that levels out the unit without you having to touch it.

This weighs only 10 kg’s and once you charge you can have a ride up to 20 km’s. Minimum load is 20 kg’s where as the maximum load is up to 100 kg’s.It can support up to 125 kg’s. Integrated HELPING MODE feature which seamlessly levels the scooter before you hop on. It can saves you at any moments as it offers a climbing ability of 15 degrees.Zero is the Minimum turning radius.Maximum speed is about 10 Mph.

The Chic Smart S2 promises unique design, function, and features and of course warranty.It offers one year warranty.No complaints are noted till now as they used World’s top brand chips and component to give stable performance.

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Chic S2 Electric scooter is the best option to purchase as it is available at affordable price for its features. Mostly there are so many products which are available at lower prices when compare to this Chic Electric Scooter. But  I would definitely recommend the Chic Smart S 2 electric scooter for all the special features designed in this product which is safe and easy to ride.

chic smart s 2 review

Brief Look On Chic Smart S 2 Electric Self Balancing Scooter : 

Balancing System : 

This is a Mini Smart self-balancing two-wheel electric scooter so that this is more convenient to ride.It comes with two wheels with rotating platforms hinged at the middle and grooved rubber pads to grip your feet on,cool blue lights that spark up when you jump aboard. It is very easy to ride, so have a fun ride with this electric scooter.

Product Weight : 

Self Balancing Electric Scooter Chic S2 is a light weight product i.e., weighs only 10 kg’s. This light weight scooter can carry easily to any place.

Load : 

Maximum load of this electric scooter is 100 kg’s and minimum load is 20 kg’s. So anyone from age 10 to 50 and above can easily ride this on roads with lot of fun.

Battery,Range Per Charge : 

Lithium Battery is used in this electric scooter and it offers long battery and mileage.Range per charge is about 20 km’s in which we can not see this in normal electric scooters.

Speed : 

Lot of specialities are there in this product as they offer 10 Mph speed with this Chic S 2 Electric Scooter.So that you can plan for long distances and it works well with high speed.

Climbing Ability : 

Climbing Ability of this Smart S 2 electric Scooter is 15 degrees and Zero is the minimum turning radius.It works well with all kind of surfaces but its always  better not ride the scooter in inclement weather or near puddles.

Price : 

Chic Smart S2 Electric Self Balancing Scooter may be little bit expensive but you can enjoy the ride on this scooters with all its special features. These are priced little higher than the cheap self balance scooters but , CHIC has great finishing and comfort riding.


  • Chic S2 Electric Scooter is very light weight scooter and this is very easy to ride.
  • People at any age group will enjoy the ride and it offers long mileage.
  • It comes with long life battery,good quality,and one year warranty.


  • This electric scooter cost is very expensive except that you may not find any issue with this product.

To conclude, if you are going to buy one, you might as well buy a proper one,buy a proper Chic Smart S2 self balance electric scooter to have fabulous ride.


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