CHIC Smart S1 Electric Scooter Self Balance Review

Chic Smart S1 Electric Self Balance Scooter 

Chic smart S1 Self Balancing Electric scooter is a very high end product and this is very easy to learn. Instruction manual is available along with this product and on using it everyone can easily understand how to get the balance on this scooter to have a fun ride with in few hours.

Chic Smart Self balancing scooter is basically an electric scooter you should recharge the battery for about 120 minutes to have a long ride.This product offers you a long mileage as they provide Lithium battery which is rechargeable as this is the best product available in the product. I works well with all kind of surfaces and light weight too. You can easily transport this along with you at any place.

CHIC Smart S1

Chic free Self balancing scooter is  a two wheeled electric scooter,they provide one year warranty to this product and it is a water resistant.That this electric scooter works well on rainy roads too but one should remember this is a electric product so avoid much using this in water. Product weight is about 10 kg’s and climbing ability is 15 degrees.

Product weight is just 10 kg’s as  we discussed earlier, the minimum load is 20 kg’s and when it comes to maximum load it is 100 kg’s. Once you recharge,it can gives 10 Mph speed and it suits to any age group. Kids may attract more to the electric scooter as this product designed well with great look and best quality.People from age 10 to 60 and more can have a safe ride with this electric self balancing scooter.

Self Balancing Electric Scooter Chic S1 gives you a long and safe ride,as this is all depends on how your body get balance with the scooter.It may take some time but it is very easy by following the instructions in the manual.Chic Electric S1 self balancing scooters gives you 20 to 25 km mileage after recharge and it is fine at high speeds.

CHIC Smart S1 Electric Scooter

Generally there are so many products are available in the market but this Chic S1  is the best one as it comes with high end quality and nice look.This will give you one year warranty to this product so that you can return it if you find any complaints. But trust me you may never find any complaint with this electric scooter and anyone can buy this one without any second thought to have safe ride. As it is well designed this Electric Self balancing scooter available at higher price, may be little expensive but worth the price.But you will be very happy after purchasing this , as it is different from other cheap products which will break with in a week.

Brief Look On Smart Chic S1 Self Balancing Scooter : 

Balancing System :

Chic Smart Self Balance Scooter is a two wheeled electric scooter in which you have incredible fun with this electric scooter.You need very less time to get balance to have ride on road.You can easily learn how to ride on roads with this Chic Electric scooter as it sets new standards for the precise balance control of the scooter and the power output.

Product weight :

You can travel with this Chic Smart  S1 Self balance scooter to any place like to your office,indoor or outdoor places etc.. as this product weight is only 10 kg’s. It works well on smooth surfaces too.

Load :

Just like other self balance scooters this product load is also same that is minimum load is 20 kg’s and maximum load is about 100 kg’s.

Battery ,Range per charge

Rechargeable lithium battery(36 V 4.4 AH) is used in this product, and you should recharge this battery up to 90-120 minutes  before you start.20 to 25 km is its Range per charge. That is this scooter offers you a long mileage.

Speed : 

Speed of this scooter is about 10 Mph and once you charge your battery well you can have fun with this ride on roads.It goes well at high speeds too.This two wheeled electric scooter comes with good look, quality at affordable price.

Climbing ability:

Climbing ability of this self balance scooter 15 degrees so that it gets you to any place .Zero is set as a minimum turning radius to this scooter.

Water Proof :

This self balance scooter comes with one year warranty and it is water resistant too.If you find any problems with this product you may return it as it comes with one year warranty.


Chic Smart S1 Self Balancing Electric Scooters is available at premium price.This price is very expensive when compare to other self balance scooters available in the market. But it is very comfortable and stable to ride compared to cheap self balancing scooters


  • This Chic S1 Self Balancing Scooter designed with great look, and it very easy to learn.
  • This electric scooter gives you a long mileage at high speeds too.
  • Suits to any age group i.e., from 10 to 60 and above may try this to have a fun ride.


  • This Electric scooter is little bit expensive when compare to other scooters.