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Self balancing Scooters are the latest innovation and these are viral now. Many stars from Hollywood are using them. People are really crazy about these self balance scooters. So what are the free self balancing scooters available to buy and what is the cost of these scooters? Here you are going to know everything about these 2 wheel scooters. After reading this post you are going to know all the answers for the questions below.


  • What is a self balancing scooter , types and how they work ?
  • Where to find the best 2 wheel self balancing scooter?
  • How to ride Self Balancing Scooter?
  • What is Self Balancing Scooters price range ?
  • Who produces the best scooters ?
  • What are the specifications of each self balance scooter and do they mean ?
  • Finally How to Wisely Choose a best Scooter for Your Needs

What is a hoverboard scooter

As of today these self balancing scooters are available in two types.

  1. One wheel self balance scooters, also know as Unicycles.
  2. Two wheels self balancing scooters

These are called self balancing scooter because , they completely operate on the riders balance. To move forward , the rider just needs to lean forward and the scooter moves automatically. To stop the vehicle , the rider needs to lean backward, so the scooter stops itself. More about how to ride these scooters is explained in the post later.

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Where to find the best hoverbard giveaway?

These scooters can be purchased from many ecommerce sites available. Lot of brands are available, so one can compare all others before buying. More local sellers for each country will be updated later.

How to ride Hoverboard Segway?

Riding these vehicles is very easy , as they are self balanced scooters. They balance and move as per our body movements. To move forward just lean forward by standing on the scooter. If want to stop the scooter, then just lean backward as shown in the step 4. To turn left simply put your right foot forward as shown in step 2. Learning to ride a sel balancing scooter is very funny and easy. It hardly takes 15 minutes to be a expert rider.

riding self balancing scooterhow to ride self balancing scooterlearn riding self balancing scooter

What is Self Balancing Scooters price range ?

These scooters price range vary from $200 to $1200 depending on the brand, size, quality and many other factors that we are going to see in the later part of the post. IO HAWK is very pricey scooter and it has its own mark with these models. Prices vary depending on the models and colors for each of these scooter brands. Normally for a $400 price one can get a reasonable self balancing electric scooter with good features.

Who produces the best scooters ?

To answer this one must know all the brands which produce these electric 2 wheeled scooters. Few brands are mentioned below.

  • Erover
  • Smart Chic
  • Airborne
  • Zyrodrone
  • Moonet
  • Nine Bot
  • Monorover
  • Likary
  • Wonfast
  • Wallygadgets
  • Swagway

So Erover , Monorover and Chic smart are the most selling and has got good reviews among all those scooters.

What are the specifications of each free Hoverboard and do they mean ?

These two wheeled electric self  balance scooters have different type specifications compared to regular vehicles, as their design is completely different. What are they?

Degrees of Cornering or Turning Radius

Usually when going on roads , when you need to turn to left or right, you need to corner the vehicle to either side to get the sufficient turning radius. But with these self balance scooters , the turning radius is zero. So one can turn easily from the place rider is standing without the need for any cornering.

Climbing Angle

All roads may not be flat and even. Some have few bumps in them. So if a vehicle is not able to pass those bumps , it will be useless. These self balancing electric scooters can climb up to 15 degrees elevation easily. This  15 degrees is just a minimal number and some scooters can climb even 20 degrees elevation , based on the model.

Battery Capacity:

 For these type of scooters battery capacity is on the scale  Kilometers per full charge. The battery capacity of these electric scooters range from 15 KM to 25 KM per full charge. The average capacity of a normal scooter is 20 KM per full charge


 Load is the weight of the rider riding the two wheel scooter. Capacity of these electric self balancing scooters range from 20 KG to 120 KG. Many of these scooters have maximum range of 100KG , but few high end scooters have 120KG maximum load capacity.

Top Speed:

The top speed of self balancing scooter is 12 KMPH. Many models have 10KMPH as top speed but few 2 wheel electric scooter can go up to 12 KMPH.


Weight of these balancing scooter is 10 KG. This makes it extremely comfortable to carry on your back. So no parking problem with these vehicles. Easy to carry.


Everything on the earth has its own pros and cons. The list of them are below


  • Light Weight
  • Easy to use
  • Bright LED’s
  • Eco Friendly
  • Water Proof to some extent
  • Very less cost compared to segway
  • Zero Emission
  • Almost Noiseless
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Very less accident prone
  • Low power consumption
  • Takes just 5 – 15 minutes to learn riding


  • Battery powered , so need to charge up before using it.
  • It cannot climb hills , its climbing angle is only 15 degrees
  • Takes 2 – 3 hours for full charge.
  • Addictive. Cannot stay away once you started using it


Free hoverboard

Remember the magic carpet in the Arabian nights? Well, that was a dream which turned into reality with the Hover boards flocking the market now. The Segway hover board is an apt example. The names of these “Hover boards” have been a contentious one for some time now for they do not actually hover above the ground per se. The rightful name with which we should refer to these Hover board will be “Self-balancing scooters.”

In simple words, these are self balancing, two wheeled machines which uses the movements of the users to move in the right direction. These self balancing gadgets have gained quite an amount of popularity with many celebrities getting one for their own and posting their pics on Instagram. Of course, there have been quite a few mishaps also reported by some with the hover boards. Nevertheless, the concept is unique and is quite fun to ride on them.

What should you look for in a hover board?

The comfort it provides you when you are riding is the first thing to consider when you are buying a hoverboard. The ones with rubber foot board will be a good choice as it will help you hop off and on easily. It is of course better to go for a test ride and practice in a clear area before using them for your transportation. It would help to go through the reviews by other customers before making your purchase.

There are also multiple purposes to having a hover board.  It is not just used as a means of transportation but you can also use them to walk your dogs, do shopping with and more. There are even hover boards with LED lights to help you traverse in dark. The speed is another variant and of course there is the price which needs to be considered too.

Factors to consider when getting a hover board:

  • Comfort and ease of use.
  • Quality of the board in question. Defective components can cause accidents.
  • The functions the board offers and the features that it has.
  • User reviews and ratings in official websites on electronic items.
  • Your budget and the price of the hover board.

Brands to look out for

While there are many different brands in the market offering you new hover boards with different features. Here are the top five in the market that will provide you a best hovering (riding) experience.

  1. EPIKGO Hoverboard with wheels to manage all kinds of terrain.
  2. Segway Mini pro which has amazing steering abilities
  3. Razor Hovertrax comes with quicker charging options.
  4. Swagtron T3 , stay connected with their Bluetooth speakers.
  5. Powerboard Hover board comes with LED headlights to see in the dark.

And there are much more in the market each innovative and exceeding expectations than its counterparts.

Free hover board offers online

You might often come across advertisements online for an offer of a free hover board, which you can avail by answering a survey. There are also companies which offer hover board for testing purposes to those who are interested to see how it favors in the public. Some of the websites require you to make a tweet or leave a post on their Instagram page or leave a review about their hover boards in exchange for a free hover board.